Month: December 2020

Updated Gift Card Process

We sell gift cards! We always have!

These gift cards are part of our original gift card solution and pre-date our Take Out and Direct Shipping online stores. Gift cards we create at the meadery don’t natively work in either of those places. 

But fear not, we have solutions!

Did you buy or get a gift card and want to use it to place a Take Out order? We’ve got you covered. Contact us at We will get the gift card number from you and will then convert the balance of the gift card to coupon codes that can be used in the online store. Once complete, the gift card will be deactivated. The coupon code will be created in $5 or $10 denominations with a use count up to the dollar value on the card. You will be able to use the coupon as many times as needed to redeem your full card balance. 

Did you buy or get a gift card and want to use it to place a direct shipping order? We’ve got this handled as well! Contact us at We will get the gift card number from you, create or confirm a Vinoshipper account for you (via e-mail address) and ultimately convert the balance of the gift card to a credit on your account in the direct shipping store. Once complete, the gift card will be deactivated. The credit stays on your account until it is completely used, meaning an unused balance is stored if you don’t use it all on your next order. 

Curbside Take Out COVID Update

We’ve always offered a touch free curbside pick up service for Take Out orders, but as the weather has turned cold we are no longer setting up a convenient pick up station outside. This creates a challenge for some patrons, believing they have to come inside to pick up their orders where there may also be unmasked diners otherwise enjoying snacks and drinks. 

You do NOT need to come inside to pick up Take Out orders that you’ve already placed and paid for online. 

If you haven’t yet placed your order when you arrive you will need to order and pay inside at the bar. 

If you would like to coordinate a curbside pick up with us please follow the steps below to make your visit to Ancient Fire as safe as possible:

  1. Place and pay for your order online at
  2. Before you jump to the payment processing leave your desired pick up date and time in the “order notes” field. This is VERY IMPORTANT, as this is how we plan what orders to fill and queue during our open hours. This has not changed since we began this process. 
  3. When you place the order above you MUST provide us with the phone number that will be used to text us to coordinate the actual car-side pick up. If this is not the number provided in the customer/payment details then PLEASE provide this number in the order notes along with your pickup date and time.
  4. When you arrive at Ancient Fire to pick up your order you can stay in your car and text us at ‪(978) 272-2416‬. This text should include your order number (from the e-mail confirmation) and the make, model and color of your vehicle. An example might be “I’m here to pick up order 4030. I am in a dark blue Subaru Outback.”
  5. An Ancient Fire staff member will bring your order outside. We will also bring an empty growler box for you to return any empties to us. The staff member will acknowledge you from the sidewalk, and may also ask that you show your ID through a card window,  letting you know that your order can be picked up. They will then back away to a safe distance. 
  6. Grab your loot and head out!

Note: We are being specific about how to text us about your pickup, and we really do expect it to work this way. We want to verify you are who placed the order, and receiving a text from the number provided in the order (which is also why we need the order number to search on) is a secure way for us to be sure that orders are being given to the correct parties. Please do not text this number for any other reason. Random messages will be ignored. General sales/service inquiries and questions can be sent to sales@ancientfiremeads or you can message us via social media. 


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