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Several times recently friends and fans have remarked that they were out of content and asked if we had any suggestions for cool new podcasts for them to listen to.

Because there are literally hundreds of different genres for podcasts out there and I don’t keep up with even the most popular ones, my responses have largely been constrained to local podcasts that I know of because I’ve been on them.

With that in mind I’ve rounded up a list of podcast episodes I and/or Margot have been over the years, forgive me if I have forgotten anyone, and we hope you enjoy the exploration.

A couple of important programming notes:

  • Don’t listen to any of these podcasts looking for wit and wisdom from me, I’m just a fun loving guy who makes mead and cider for a living.  This has always been about having fun.
  • At least one of these episodes involved a classic Margot moment where she tells a great story about something she learned from the Urban Dictionary. That is worth the price of admission alone.
  • The point above can be translated to, some of this content may be NSFW, so listen in private or with headphones so you don’t risk questions about your tastes.

The most recent podcast was Uncorked Corner where Margot and I chatted with the hosts about mead, what we do at Ancient Fire and how things were going in COVID times.

One of the episodes that I’ve been on of the Gotmead Podcast (I think I’ve been on 3 or 4 times) is linked above. Margot will be going on the show with the Maidmakers in a couple weeks to talk about their series of meads and the excitement that they’ve been able to create bringing their ideas to market. We’ll add the link here when it goes live.

Happy Listening!


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