Month: June 2021


Name/Age: Lisa M, 34

Role: Camp Counselor, Camp Green

Bio: Sassing, I mean serving AF customers since 2019. When not at AF I am lifting things up and putting them down or spending time with my pup. If you’ve come in on Friday you know it can get weird, and I’m here to make it weirder. I’ll be here either serving you drinks, instigating weirdness, helping with the MaidMakers series, or helping with all camp activities. Can’t wait to see you all soon!

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Name/Age: Laura P, 31

Role: Camp Counselor, Camp Red

Bio: I have been hanging out at Ancient Fire since 2018. It started with hanging out for drinks, to celebrating my birthday here, and now working here. I am excited for a summer of activities, and will most likely be in on my days off to help cheer on Team Red!

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CAMP AF – Meet Your Camp Counselors – Melissa

Name/Age: Melissa K, 27

Role: Camp Counselor, Camp Green

Bio: What started as a joke with Jay and Margot about an employee discount has resulted in my working at Ancient Fire for 2 years now. That’s okay though because I enjoy working at Ancient Fire and serving you fine folks almost as much as I enjoy drinking at AF….and that’s saying something. If you’ve been to the taproom on a Thursday or Friday I’ve probably served you a pint or two with a sassy remark. I’m always down for shenanigans as long as they wrap up by 9pm so I can get home to my dog (yes, I will show you dog pics). I’m so excited to lead the green team and instigate the chaos. I am certainly ready for the birds and bees, the apple trees, and a whole lotta foolin’ around!

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CAMP AF – Meet Your Camp Counselors – Krystin

Name/Age: Krystin W, 31

Role: Camp Counselor, Camp Orange

Bio: I’m a long time AF customer, turned meadery assistant. You might have met me in the taproom already, but if not I bet you’ve seen some of my contributions in the new art on the menu boards. I’m a cat mom, illustrator and painter and couldn’t be more excited for all the fun crafty camp things and mead releases we have planned! Can’t wait to see y’all at Camp AF! This summer is gonna be a blast.

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CAMP AF – Meet Your Camp Directors – Margot (Sweet)

Name/Age: Margot P, 48

Nickname: Sweet

Role: Camp Director

Bio: I have been enjoying the tasty beverages made by Ancient Fire’s meadmaker for over 20 years since I was the #1 taste tester when he was home brewing. Since opening Ancient Fire I have been most recognized as the crazy lady who makes the videos with very questionable singing and acting talents. I am so excited for Camp AF as it was the first marketing plan idea I created before we even opened. The idea was inspired by one too many viewings of the classic Bill Murray film “Meatballs”.  And yes, I am indeed ready for the summer, ready for the sunshine and a whole lotta foolin around!

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CAMP AF – Meet Your Camp Directors – Jason (Salty)

Name/Age: Jason P, 48

Nickname: Salty

Role: Camp Director

Bio: As the mead and cider maker for Ancient Fire for the last 3.5 years I’ve had the immense pleasure of sharing my art with our community. I can’t wait to share some of the new meads we are getting ready for summer release!

Are you ready for the summer?!?!?!?!? As one of your Camp Directors for CAMP AF this summer I am here to help you participate in all of your favorite events, get your stamp card updated and otherwise make sure you have fun. I’ll also be making CAMP AF announcements with a bullhorn at the camp lodge (tap room), so make your plans and come join in the summer camp fun!

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