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CAMP AF – Meet Your Camp Counselors – Melissa

Name/Age: Melissa K, 27

Role: Camp Counselor, Camp Green

Bio: What started as a joke with Jay and Margot about an employee discount has resulted in my working at Ancient Fire for 2 years now. That’s okay though because I enjoy working at Ancient Fire and serving you fine folks almost as much as I enjoy drinking at AF….and that’s saying something. If you’ve been to the taproom on a Thursday or Friday I’ve probably served you a pint or two with a sassy remark. I’m always down for shenanigans as long as they wrap up by 9pm so I can get home to my dog (yes, I will show you dog pics). I’m so excited to lead the green team and instigate the chaos. I am certainly ready for the birds and bees, the apple trees, and a whole lotta foolin’ around!

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