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On July 10th and 17th from 1pm to 4pm each day we will be holding the first round of our CAMP AF Olympics. For Round #1, we will be hosting a cup stack relay and an egg relay. For both of these events the goal is to be the first team to successfully transit a series of laps back and forth between the ends of the play area without dropping the cups or the eggs. We will be sharing some videos and other information to help participants better understand these activities beforehand. 

The Egg Relay requires two campers (same camp) per team. We will not be assigning the pair, this is who you are signing up with. 

The Cup Stack requires one camper per team.

With the form below you are signing up for one activity on a particular date, during a 1 hour time slot. We will confirm a specific time for this event for you via email, and it will be on the schedule the day of event. Make individual requests for each activity and person(s) as needed. Your camp counselors will be making general reminders in the fan club group (Facebook) about these events the week of. This way anyone who needs to cancel can pipe up ahead of time and not leave it until the day of. 

We will assign the pairings of opposing camps to ensure all camps get paired up properly. We will assign the times for these pairings and get back to each team once this is done.

If you miss your assigned time slot, we will try to re-assign you to an open slot, if one exists. At the time the empty slot is discovered we will recruit any available and interested campers to participate so we don’t lose the opportunity. 

These are physical activities and we recommend sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing. Alcoholic drinks will need to be finished or left at your table (which will be reserved) while you participate, but all personal items should be kept on your person or secured in your vehicle. 

These activities are eligible for the Camp Olympics and Wildcard (2nd+ play) stamps on your stamp card. Stamps will be available once you complete the activity. You will also earn points for your camp, resulting in an overall sport/game winner during our end of camp awards and superlatives. You will also be able to earn points for your camp in other ways starting July 7th. A “temperature gauge” of points earned for each camp will be up on the wall at the camp lodge.

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