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Sugarwood 375ml Bottle


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During our homebrew days we tinkered with hundreds of ideas, concepts and recipes. Some stuck, many did not. Some ideas got taken for a number of different spins with the hope of finding a complete concept that might be a perennial favorite. The prototypes for Sugarwood were in this special category. We experimented with different honeys, a range of caramelization times for the honey, different amounts of maple and vanilla and early versions did not have any oak influence, but we all know a Bourbon barrel makes it better!

This is what you get when you put together caramelized honey, NH maple syrup, a pile of vanilla beans and a Bourbon barrel.

We released a small batch of this in December 2018 and it was gone almost immediately. We made a bit more this time, but we doubt it will really last all that long.

13.5% Alc. By Vol | Sweet | 375ml corked bottle

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