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Not long after Making Sand Castles, our Hawaiian Macadamia Blossom mead, was released we held one of our infamous Sangria Sundays and spun a new cocktail, the Tai Fighter. The Macadamia Blossom mead has a fruity, earthy, woodiness to it that reminded Jason of almonds and wood aged rum, and the thought of adding citrus and other fruit led to Mai Tai cocktails! The new sangria was a shot of lime juice and a shot of a bitter orange and brown sugar syrup we made in house topped off with Making Sand Castles. We sold out of these in two consecutive Sangria Sundays!

One of our patrons asked if we could just make it as a mead. Yes we can, and here it is.

Mead with bitter orange, sweet orange, lime and brown sugar. 7% Alc. By Vol.

Lightly carbonated | Semi-sweet

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