Reservation Request

Requesting a Reservation


Using this form will send us a request for a reservation. Until you get a confirmation from us you DO NOT have an active reservation. If for some reason we are not able to accommodate your party as requested (party size too large, we are already full for the date/time requested, etc) we will notify you as such. Otherwise we will confirm the date/time and party size with you. We will be assigning tables based on party size and availability, and we will NOT be able to accommodate special requests or move seating for any reason. If a specific date/time is tagged with “FULL” that means there are no available reservations for that time. We will not be managing a waiting list.

We are open regularly on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

New March 17th, 2021
We now have two reservation lengths, with an option you select. A full reservation is 75 minutes. A tasting reservation is for 35 minutes, allowing us to sneak in two shorter reservations into a full length reservation slot. We have a sanitizing cycle between tables, so your start and end times, especially when we are busy, will be adhered to. We will have three full length reservation times on Wed-Fridays, with open Take Out hours prior to that, and we will have five full length reservation times on Saturdays. Sangria Sundays will have three full length reservation time slots.

To cancel or inquire about a confirmed reservation or reservation request previously made please send an email to You must use this form to request a reservation. At this time we are NOT able to take or manage reservations over the phone.

Current Dine-In & Take Out Hours
Wednesday/Thursday/Friday from 4 to 7:30 pm (tables available at 4:30pm)
Saturdays from 12 to 7:30 pm

Special Hours
Sangria Sunday – Sunday March 21st, 12 to 4:30 PM


    Updated House Policies & Expectations For Your Visit

    • No Mask, No Service. All patrons (including for Take Orders which will still be handled outside) are required to wear a mask or face covering when interacting with staff, entering and exiting the Tasting Room or Patio and when getting up to visit the restroom, i.e. any time you are not seated at your table. There will be plenty of hand sanitizer available.
    • If you are experiencing any of these symptoms: fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, change in sense of taste or smell, flu-like symptoms such as muscle aches, chills, or severe fatigue – please stay home.
    • If you have recently tested positive for COVID-19, have been exposed to anyone who is believed to currently have COVID-19 or has tested positive for COVID-19 and you have not successfully completed a 14 day quarantine and have had a negative test returned – please stay home.
    • Reservations are time boxed. Standard reservations last 75 minutes. Tasing reservations are limited to 35 minutes. We have a non-negotiable lag between seatings for disinfecting. We will notify you 10-20 minutes prior to your reservation end time to ensure you have time to request any to go items and finish up.
    • Our largest table seats 6 customers, and we only have them available for outdoor seating (avail seasonally). Most of our tables comfortably sit 2 or 3 people. DO NOT move tables or chairs from their assigned locations. We have strict spacing and distancing requirements from the local health department, so please let our staff handle redecorating.
    • Please arrive a few minutes prior to your reservation time and notify the staff at our outdoor check in area. We will seat you promptly. If you arrive late for your reservation the end time is still the same. If we do not have a reservation for your table for the next seating we may be able to give you more time, but this should not be assumed.
    • In the case of bad weather we will not be able to offer outdoor seating. We will attempt to shift reservations inside, but in the case that we are not able to, we will cancel the reservation and notify you as such. Our outdoor check in area will also not be set up in the case of bad weather, but we will be greeting guests at the door in order to properly maintain distancing and occupancy.
    • Our staff will come to you. Please do not come inside or the bar to order. We will cash out tabs at the table or staff will direct patrons to the point of sale system at the end of the bar when needed.
    • Restrooms are only available to dine-in patrons, and will be disinfected between each visit.
    • Having fun is the reason we are here, but during the COVID-19 pandemic we ask that you do not migrate and mingle between tables, even if the people are your family or friends. We are asking everyone to do their part to protect each other while they visit.
    • We will have food, and the menu is still being developed.
    • Single use menus, placeware and cups (compostable, thankfully) will be used, and everything can be disposed of when needed. We will be asking patrons to use the easily accessible trash and recycling bins to dispose of all of their own items to further reduce cross contamination concerns.
    • Have Fun!


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